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Re: GPL reinstalled. What basics do I need?

Jue 26/10/17 11:42

to install without headaches, the best thing to do is, if you have the disc, put it on but don't run it, then go to this link and get the gpl installer

what this file does is ask you for the gpl drive where you disc is, you point to it and then it installs the gpl and all the patches, updtaes the tracks and gets you ready to run in 15 minutes, without you having to do one by one like it was before, you do need to do a restart and you good to go, this also works with an iso

as controllers go, I am not sure what you have, but probably you will need something like the shift patch, which allows for some controllers to be installed and gives you some options to customize certain things

the best place for everything gpl, help, extras, files, is SRMZ or
chances are they will have the solution or answer to anything you might need

after is running, do a backup copy just in case something goes wrong